The lawyers of Brown Beattie O’Donovan are experienced in resolving employment disputes and wrongful dismissals for clients in London and Southwestern Ontario. We can help make sense of an employment conflict and ensure your case achieves the best possible outcome.

The impact of an employment termination is often far reaching. When representing an employee, our first consideration is whether they have been wrongfully dismissed and what rights they have regarding severance packages, privacy issues, benefits, and more.

Our team has worked with a variety of individuals who have been wrongfully dismissed, from contractors to full-time staff and senior management. We also have experience representing employers as defendants, ranging from small businesses to institutions and multinational companies.

Whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff, we can help you reach a swift and fair resolution following the termination of an employment contract. Our team can provide support in the following areas:

  • Benefits consultation
  • Drafting and advising on employment contracts
  • Health and safety consultation
  • Representation in labour relations
  • Reviewing and enforcing employment contracts
  • Wrongful dismissal litigation for both employees and employers

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