The history of Brown Beattie O’Donovan law firm begins in 1950. Charles W. Brown and William E. Beattie, Q.C. opened their law firm in a small office in London, Ontario. The partners developed a reputation for their quality legal representation and dedication to clients.

Over time, the firm has evolved and partners have changed, but the core focus on quality and service has stayed the same —  at BBO, our aim is to provide expert legal advice and representation at fair rates. We’re upfront about our fees and we have a reputation for cost-effective case management.

Our team has continued to grow over time; we regularly hire new associates, who have the opportunity to learn and benefit from the experience within our four walls.

This diverse staff gives us the ability to address a wide variety of legal needs — offering the seniority and expertise to handle major cases, while still catering to lower budgets. Whatever your situation, we can have the flexibility to help you with our legal services.

Our Approach

The philosophy of our firm is to aggressively pursue our clients’ goals while simultaneously recognizing the client’s budgetary realities.

Legal representation can be expensive, but we control costs by using state-of-the-art computer research tools, document creation, and organization software programs. Strategies are determined with our clients at the table to ensure an optimal outcome.

Today, based in the heart of London with offices overlooking the city, we are a law firm with a strong past that is moving forward to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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