Canada’s New Drone Safety Regulations: What You Need To Know

Did you know that drones are classified as aircraft, essentially making you a pilot? When you fly your drone, you are sharing the skies with other drones and aircraft. Before you fly a drone, you [...]


Intellectual Property Licensing

Types of Intellectual Property Licenses This blog highlights the various forms of intellectual property licensing. If pursuing a license, the licensor should select one of the following manners [...]


Investment Property in Ontario: Buying Considerations

Buying an investment property can be exciting, but there are important considerations to be aware of when purchasing an investment property which may be different from purchasing a family home. [...]


Personal Liability of Officers and Directors Under Ontario’s Construction Legislation

A common misconception in the construction industry is that officers and directors of a corporation cannot be held personally liable for the financial indiscretions of the corporation, when in [...]


Simple Start-up Tips

Whether it’s a new business venture apt to change the world as we know it or just a small side hustle, business owners need to make themselves aware of the requirements for incorporating and [...]


Social Host Liability

The most wonderful time of the year will soon be upon us! When planning your holiday event, in addition to your guest list, decorations, and food, planning to keep your guests and others on the [...]


How Consumers’ Rights Are Protected Under The Consumer Protection Act

Have you ever made an impulsive purchase where you signed an agreement but then, shortly after, regretted your decision? As a buyer, you may have felt stuck because you already signed a contract. [...]


Riparian Rights – Living by the Water

If you own land with a body of water that is on, next to, or running through your property you may have wondered about your rights with respect to the use or enjoyment of that water. What are [...]


Why Is A Condominium Status Certificate Important?

At Brown Beattie O’Donovan, one of the first questions many condo purchasers have is: “What is a condominium status certificate and why do I need this condition in my Agreement of Purchase and [...]


Types of Business Organization Models

There are three major business organization models, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the stage, function, and attributes of your business, one of the [...]

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