When Is The Best Time To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Question: When is the best time to contact a personal injury lawyer?

Answer: As soon as possible after your injury.

Some people wonder if they should contact a personal injury lawyer after an injury caused by the acts or omissions of others. Reasons that some delay reaching out to a lawyer include:

  • Being unsure if their injuries will quickly resolve
  • Uncertain if they have a legal basis to claim damages for the injury
  • Apprehension about legal fees to discuss their potential matter with a lawyer

Despite these uncertainties, it is always best to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your injury for a number of key reasons:

Notice and Limitation Periods

Notice Periods:

A personal injury lawyer may inform you about any applicable notice periods for your potential claim. Some notice periods are quite short.

For example, if you intend to bring a claim against a Municipality, you must provide written notice with specific information within 10 days after your injury. Missing a notice period may prevent you from commencing a court action for damages.

Limitation Periods:

A personal injury lawyer may inform you about any applicable limitation periods. The limitation period for personal injury actions is generally two years from the incident that resulted in your injury. However, there are some factors that may change the limitation period or the date it begins to run. After the end of the applicable limitation period, you are prohibited by statute from commencing a court action for damages.

Investigating the Claim

It will be easier for a personal injury lawyer to gather the information and evidence required for a claim if the information gathering process is started early. Witnesses will have a better memory of the incident, a record can be kept of your injuries and progress, photographs can be taken, evidence can be preserved, etc. Attempting to gather this information much later on may prove more difficult, as memory can fade with the passage of time and evidence may be lost or destroyed.

Obtaining Treatment

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, statutory accident benefits may be available to pay for medical and rehabilitation expenses, among other things. Many personal injury lawyers can recommend treatment providers who have experience with the statutory accident benefit procedure and forms. Using providers who are experienced in this area will help ensure a smoother process for accessing medical and rehabilitation benefits.

Avoid Inadvertently Prejudicing Your Interests

Sometimes an insurance company may reach out after an injury to check on your progress, gather information from you, and they might attempt to resolve your claim. However, a personal injury lawyer can assist in determining if only relevant information is requested, deadlines are met, and if a proposed out of court resolution is fair and adequate. It is best to contact a personal injury lawyer before negotiating a settlement of any potential claims.

Free Initial Consultations

Many personal injury lawyers, including the lawyers at Brown Beattie O’Donovan, offer free initial consultations. This provides a risk-free way to learn more and decide whether to consider bringing a claim for damages.

If you have been injured by an act or omission of another, don’t hesitate to contact Brown Beattie O’Donovan for a free initial consultation!

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